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Foster has been recognized by The Quapaw Quarter Association and received the Greater Little Rock Preservation Award of Merit for the rehabilitation of the Leo Treadway House, as well as the Outstanding Personal Projects award given by Preserve Arkansas. Thus far, he has acquired Energy Star Certification on four projects within the 12th street corridor, and was lead Project Manager for a five floor, 34 unit apartment building as well as a three floor 34 unit apartment building, both projects located on Little Rock Main Street’s Creative Corridor. Foster currently serves on the Capitol Zoning Board of the design committee. With his organic design and approach, Foster continues to leave his mark within Central Arkansas as a craftsman, contributor and supporter to his community, and strives to improve the quality of life and opportunities not only for his family and loved ones, but also for local merchants and neighbors.

Matt Foster’s passion for carpentry work and historical structures was born of an upbringing that instilled attention to detail, and a genuine appreciation of the past. At the age of 15, Foster began to receive small tasks on restored homes owned by his uncle. He adapted and learned quickly the aesthetics of carpentry and design from his uncle and father, a recognized artist within the community.

Today, Foster is a respected developer in the historical preservation world, extending his talents, services and efforts to revitalize through MWF Construction.

Historic restoration

From award-winning homes to historic properties and local restaurants, MWF Construction specializes in historical preservation and eco-friendly concepts, coveting the highest quality work and completion of jobs on time and on budget. Upholding standards of excellence and dependability, MWF Construction promises to deliver lasting and gratifying results to its community and clients.